Find Your Fit™ Episode #12 Special Guests Matt Simpson & Joseph Hamilton (US Men’s Goalball Paralympians)

Matt Simpson and Joseph Hamilton of the US Men’s Goalball Team Join the Find Your Fit Team to Discuss Their Road to Rio   The group returns from BLAST! While there, they enjoyed various healthful snack and drink options; Jessica’s favorite is the sports drink from Body Armor. The Find Your Fit™ team also saw … [Read more…]

Congratulations, Commitment, and Consequences

Congratulations, Commitment, and Consequences, by Kevan Worley The WE Team has returned from Boston. We congratulate our expert advocate athlete, Jessica Beecham. She set a personal best in the marathon. She took 5 minutes off of her previous marathon time. There’s a reason the Boston Marathon has such an extraordinary reputation. Not being a marathoner, … [Read more…]