Total Fit Pack™

Now you can purchase your Total Fit Pack™ online! 

Whether you are just beginning your health and wellness journey or are a seasoned vet, the Total Fit Pack™ is the right fit for you. With 35 described exercises, 5 workout routines, a healthy cookbook, tips and tricks for eating fast food on the go, and tips and tricks for maintaining your workout, you will be on the path to an exercise and eating regimen that meets your needs.

Each Download Includes:

  • Two interval workouts
  • Lower body workout
  • Core workout
  • Upper body workout
  • Healthy cookbook
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining exercise
  • Guide to eating fast food on the go

Purchase & Download Instructions:

When you click the “Buy Now” button below, you will be taken to the payment page through PayPal. Once you complete the purchase, click the link to “Return to WE Fit Wellness™ website,” and there will be a link to the download. Thank you, and enjoy the Total Fit Pack™!