About Us

About WE Fit Wellness™

In January of 2015 WE Fit Wellness™ stood up as a for-profit company as part of the social entrepreneur movement. This is a movement which proclaims that companies should be allowed to do well as they do good. For two years the company,  WE Fit Wellness™, brought numerous fitness opportunities to life. However, a number of our allies and partners urged us to take the organization non-profit. This allowed us to pursue generous grants and donations. Worley Enterprises, the company that spawned WE Fit Wellness™ continues to provide support in the way of infrastructure, facilities and financial contributions. But, due to the leadership of a committed and creative board of directors,  WE Fit Wellness™ will now have impact even beyond the dreams of the founders.

WE Fit Wellness™ was created from a need for accessible, affordable, and achievable health and wellness solutions for all individuals. Our multifaceted approach to finding wellness solutions that fit include our multimedia health and wellness outreach initiative, health and wellness programming for people with disabilities and other under served populations. Our wide array of services encourage healthy eating, more moving, and a holistic approach to better living.  


There is nothing more frustrating for a blind person than going into a gym to work out just to find out that the equipment has flat screens and is not marked in a tactile manner, or for a  person with a print disability who is trying to make dietary decisions without access to the nutrition facts that others get at a glance. Everyone deserves access to health and wellness. The WE Fit Team has easy and affordable solutions that are the right fit for EVERYONE!


The elevated cost of organic produce and grass-fed, hormone free meat, as well as costly monthly fitness memberships can make health and wellness seem unattainable for those of us on a tight budget or fixed income. WE Fit Wellness™ offers affordable solutions to exercise and nutrition. WE also offer tips and tricks to make wellness a priority. Regardless of how tight the budget, we all make choices about when and how we spend our money. WE make the choice for wellness easy.

two seniors exercising on yoga mats


WE believe that everyone can achieve wellness, and WE can help! Whether you are a fitness provider interested in becoming more inclusive; a commercial chain interested in increasing accessibility; or a person who has decided to make healthier life choices, WE have the solutions that fit. Let us help you make the small changes that equal lasting success.