Find Your Fit™ Episode #44 Special Guest Randi Strunk (Triathlete)

In episode #44 Jessica and Kevan inform us about the upcoming NF-Be Healthy Fair coming up at the 2018 NFB national convention. Kevan tells us why he is going to Baku, Azerbaijan and how he plans on staying healthy and active while there. Kevan also tells about a company in Australia that is trying to add a powdered broccoli in coffee. Jess talks about the NFBCO 6 Dot Dash 5k coming up on June 24th.

Jessica and Kevan welcome Randi Strunk. Randi is a Blind athlete. She recently completed her first Ironman Triathlon! Jessica & Kevan chat with her about how she got started running as an adult and how her guide talked her into doing triathlons. Her guide for the Ironman was Caroline Gaynor, who was a guest on episode #42. Randi also tells us all about how she competes in triathlons as a blind person. She talks about nutrition, training, clothing, transitions, swimming, utilizing a guide and much more!

For Fit Chat, Jessica and Kevan update us on Joe Turcotte’s adventure across the U.S. Check out what Joe is doing either on Facebook here, or on episode #43 of Find Your Fit. Jessica tells us all about one of her favorite new apps, AAPTIV.

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We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the production of this podcast, the Colorado Center for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and Push Beverages.

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