Find Your Fit™ Episode #7 Special Guest Dr. Joel Kimmons (Center for Disease Control & Prevention)

Dr. Joel Kimmons, Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Joins the Team for a Wide-Ranging Discussion of Food, Nutrition, and Wellness

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Worley hypes the book, “Always Climb Higher,” by Jeff Pagels. It’s available on BARD.

Episode 6 featured an interview with the star of the Breaking Blind channel on Youtube, Maureen Bassmaster. This time we feature a short audio clip from BB. MB uses her activity tracker on a walk to the grocery store.

In the News, Kathleen covers the book, Always Climb Higher. We learn about our USA Men’s Goalball Teams victories in Vancouver on their Road to Rio. From the Denver Post, we learn more about our blind colleague and friend, Jason Romero as he gets ready to embark on his Run Across America from Los Angeles to Boston, in 64 days. Really? Wow!

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On Fit Chat, we talk a little Blind Alive, Eyes-Free Fitness. We thank Mel Scott for her contribution to the community of total well-being.

Jessica talks about the need for more research in the area of overcoming barriers to encourage recreation and exercise for people with disabilities. She cites Healthy People 2010 and Physical Activity Participation Among Persons with Disabilities: Barriers and Facilitators from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Send your ideas and solutions for increased exercise and activity.

Colorado Center for the Blind increases opportunity for recreation outdoors and indoors: rock climbing, river rafting, skiing, and yoga.

In this episode’s Two-Minute Flashback, Amazing Amelia Dickerson, highlighted in episode 4, tells us a little about her journey. She wants to run, she wants to run, she wants to run!

Our guest is Dr. Joel Kimmons, an expert on epidemiology and nutrition at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We visited with Dr. Kimmons for a wide-ranging discussion over coffee, not far from his office in Atlanta. Joel says, don’t think so much about nutrition or the big, bad obesity; think about tasty, healthy food. He urges blind vendors in the Randolph-Sheppard program and other companies who manage concessions on government buildings to step up. He compliments the National Automatic Merchandising Association for their FitPick®, which, in some ways, exceeds the Health & Sustainability Guidelines. Kimmons says the Health & Sustainability Guidelines were based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The Doctor compliments many blind vendors and restaurant start-ups across the country that sell healthy food and make good money doing it. Worley slams the Monsanto’s, McDonald’s, and Coca Cola’s of the world, the marketing machine for conditioning people to eat bad, processed foods.

Tomatoes? Canned or fresh?

Lower calorie cookies and crackers are not really food. Kimmons says, what comes from the farm is good food. Plain ol’ good food. Kimmons says that access to exercise and nutrition for people with disabilities is a matter of civil rights. Worley asked Kimmons if he actually said, as has been reported, “When blind vendors sell junk food, it is the same as if they were dealing crack.” Kimmons says no, “I believe folks want a sweet pick-me-up snack in the afternoon.” We just have to find ways to provide fresh, nutritious food and many blind vendors are doing just that, and earning a good living doing it.

Your job: Enjoy these great songs: Home Grown Tomatoes by Guy Clark, and Farm Fresh Onions by Robert Earl Keen.


  1. Owen McCafferty

    These are awesome podcasts but there’s only 7 of these on my BARD app. Do these get updated on my Bard after listening to the last one? Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Owen, thank you for checking out and listening to the podcast. There are only 7 episodes so far. A new episode comes out every two weeks. Let us know what you want to hear on the podcast.

  2. Keith Crossman

    Wefitwelness,is great I’ve been following Maureen for a few years now. I am 58 years old and recently found out I have wet AMD.I have had numerous injections in my eye to slow the progression of this desease. Also have other health issue’s to numerous to mention.

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