Find Your Fit™ Episode #5 Special guests Sam Smith & Jared Ciner (Spirit Club)

Sam Smith, Marathoner and Zumba Teacher, and Jared Ciner, Executive Director of Baltimore’s Spirit Club, Join the Team Life should be fun. But, an 80’s music mash-up from Jessica and Kevan? If you can get past the first 30 seconds, you will love this episode of Find Your Fit™. What are intestinal flora, and have … [Read more…]

Find Your Fit™ Episode #4 Special Guest Amelia Dickerson

Amazing Amelia Dickerson Joins the Team to Talk About Her Journey into Blindness, Independence, and Running a Record-Setting Marathon In the show’s opening, Jess and Kev talk about gut health. Jessica’s reading Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain –for Life, by David Perlmutter. In Brain Maker, Dr. Perlmutter explains … [Read more…]

Find Your Fit™ Episode #3 Mel Scott, Founder & CEO of Blind Alive, Creator of the Eyes-Free Fitness™ Workout Series, joins the Team

Coach Beecham congratulates Worley for skipping the junk food and walking a 5k on New Year’s day. Worley, ever the braggart, talks up his PR. From the News Desk, Kathleen Foy details the sordid episode, from the Denver Post and NY Times, in which Coca-Cola buys influence, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to University … [Read more…]

Find Your Fit™ Episode #2 Special Guest Kevin Brousard From the United States Association of Blind Athletes, Joins the WE Team

Say Cheese – the Team samples “vegan cheese”? The genius reads the ingredients. Go to the News Desk for the good, the bad, and the ugly of exercise & nutrition. Learn to improve mood with food when your brain gets the correct nutrients. Check out Potatoes Not Prozac: Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity, by Kathleen DesMaisons, … [Read more…]