Find Your Fit™ Episode #45 Special Guest Kim Moceri (Nutrition & Health Coach at Natural Grocers)

In episode #45 Jessica and Kevan talk about the 3rd annual NF-Be Healthy Fair at the National Convention of the NFB. They also give an update on Joe Turcotte from episode #43 of Find Your Fit. He will be in Colorado mid week on his way running from Boston to California. Kevan and Jessica congratulate Mel Scott and Blind Alive on the 100th episode of their podcast. Many will remember Mel from previous episodes of Find Your Fit. Check out her first appearance here. Jessica also tells what USABA is up to recently. Kevan tell how much he likes the new Aftershockz headphones he got from JJ of The AT Guys at the NFB convention.

Jessica and Kevan welcome Kim Morceri. Kim is a nutrition and health coach at Natural Grocers. Natural Grocers offers this Nutrition & Health Coaching services for free at almost of their locations. She details the process of how the nutrition & health coach sessions go. Natural Grocers were supporters of our national Federation of the Blind of Colorado 6 Dot Dash.

For Fit Chat Jessica tells us some tips to improve your sleep hygiene. Many of these tips are detailed at The National Sleep Foundation’s website here.

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We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their support in the production of this podcast, the Colorado Center for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and Push Beverages.

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