Nothing to It, But to Do It: The Journey Continues by Kevan Worley

As I continue my personal journey toward a more healthful, balanced life, I have to keep reminding myself to take the action necessary for me to strive forward, bring folks with me, be willing to go with others where I’ve not gone before, to eat more healthily, to engage in my yoga practice, and to work out more regularly. I must challenge myself to try new things, overcoming fear or doubt.

Many of my friends will know that my education and early job experience was in broadcasting. I very quickly found myself frustrated or bored with radio and TV. For one thing, I never really could land a great job, one which was fulfilling enough and paid enough. Moreover, as a young blind person, I know that I experienced at least some job discrimination. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to know for sure when an employer’s attitude about blindness was the stumbling block, or my job readiness or performance was the real issue. All of this was before I found the National Federation of the Blind. The NFB helped me find confidence, skills, and better judgment. The jobs I did get were not of great duration. The decade of the 80’s found the broadcast industry going through deregulation, which meant small broadcasters were being gobbled up by bigger companies, which eliminated many on-air personalities in favor of automation and syndication. And, hey, it could have been that I simply did not have the talent or aptitude for the biz. But, I’ve always thought that if I ever found a subject for which I was truly passionate, I would get a radio program or start a podcast. Well, nothing to it but to do it.

Along comes WE Fit Wellness. I’ve been so inspired by the work that Jessica Beecham, Executive Director of this program, is doing. I have been learning much from her and the colleagues, teammates and partners, with which she surrounds us. Early on, she gathered in support from PUSH Beverages. We received advice and a wonderful guest blog post from John Pare, a fitness enthusiast, mentor, and policy advocate with the National Federation of the Blind. WE Fit Wellness has already benefited so much from our partnership with the Colorado Center for the Blind and enjoys an ever-growing relationship with the United States Association of Blind Athletes. We have been inspired by the work of Lyn Harwell and his team at Seeds Community Café.

There is an excitement about what WE Fit Wellness is doing. We’ve been asked, “how about a podcast?” Okay! Here we go! We will begin producing and posting, Find Your Fit, the podcast, in January 2016. There, I’ve written it down for the WE Fit Wellness Team, and the public to see. It is now a goal. It is a 2016 resolution. Now we have to do it!

Nothing to it. Right? Well, you wouldn’t think so. I figured we would just plug a mic into a computer and start interviewing athletes with disabilities, experts in nutrition, health & wellness researchers, advocates, and practitioners. I figured we would begin reviewing books, chatting about fitness goals, and reviewing exercise equipment and fitness apps. I would just do a Facebook post and send out an email, and folks would flock to Find Your Fit. Turns out, like many things in life, there’s a bit more to the Find Your Fit podcast than I had realized. To do it right, we have to have certain equipment. To do it right, we have to learn about RSS feeds and other technology supports. We have to promote the podcast in certain, effective ways, with graphics, show notes, and links. We have to line up the best guests.

But, we’ve made a commitment, and we take pride in everything we do. So, here we go! We hope you’ll follow our journey to successful podcasting. We recorded our first Find Your Fit interview this week. The plan is for the Find Your Fit episodes to feature experts, instructors, enthusiasts, nutritionists, trainers, juicers (what’s a juicer?), and others. Episodes will start posting the second week of January. We think you will find them somewhat entertaining, occasionally provocative, informative, and motivating. If you have guest or topic suggestions, please let me know. I look forward to co-hosting Find Your Fit, with Jessica Beecham.

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  1. David Dunphy

    I’ve been doing internet radio for about 15 plus years now, and am looking to get back to running a station again, and would like to provide a channel for talk and things like this. If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I’m going to spell out my email here to avoid spammers, but please get in touch if there’s anything I can do to help with podcasting or getting your stuff out there. Email is captainriker2015 at gmail dot com. Place the at and dot with the appropriate symbols. Would like to help you if I can. From David Dunphy

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