Living WE Fit

Living WE Fit


John Pare

I have been living the WE Fit Wellness mantra for three years and it has changed my life. I get fewer colds, enjoy vigorous activity, and wake up ready to attack the day. My job is very fast paced with a lot of travel and deadlines. I have learned that eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise is critical for my success and wellbeing.


When I was much younger I played tennis, ran in local races, and rode my bicycle everywhere I could. In fact, when I was in my twenties I rode my bicycle across the United States and hiked 1,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail.


But, like most people, as I got older I became more and more sedentary.  Not only did I exercise less, I lived on a fast food diet of salt, sugar, and fat. As I gained weight I exercised less, and as I exercised less, I gained more weight. I was on a slow downward spiral of declining health. But the decline was slow enough that it was initially difficult to recognize. It was many years before I realized how out of shape I was becoming. After a decade or two, the change was undeniable and most of my friends were in the same boat.


One day I read a book about healthy eating. It really caught my attention and so I began doing more research. I realized that I needed to move closer to a whole food plant based diet. Soon I was so convinced that I completely changed my diet.  It was a little difficult at first but the results kept me going. I also began to exercise again with a combination of walking, running, and visits to the local workout club.


WE Fit Wellness is spot on with its emphasis on Accessible, Affordable, and Achievable. As a blind person I know firsthand the frustration when I am ready to work out (which at first was not very often) only to be stopped by inaccessible equipment. I have also learned that eating organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can be delicious and does not need to break the bank.  Finally, I have learned that feeling great every day is really achievable.


Imagine feeling great every day and also improving your long-term health. I am very proud to serve as Executive Director for Advocacy and Policy for the National Federation of the Blind. The energy, advocacy, and activism of the Federation matches the culture and intention of the WE Fit Wellness mission. In the National Federation of the Blind we often express it this way, “you can live the life you want”. I am a living example that old habits can be changed. Access to affordable exercise and nutrition is achievable. WE Fit Wellness has the expertise, energy, and the plan to make this a reality for you. I am happy to endorse their WE Can Culture. I look forward to seeing what the WE Fit Wellness team will accomplish.

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