Find Your Fit™ podcast for Ridiculous, Crazy, Mad, Serious, Fun for Life by Kevan Worley

Already, we are receiving great buzz from the first three Find Your Fit™ shows. There really was nothing to it, so we did it. Well, it took some effort. There is usually some work involved whenever doing something well. Thanks to Kevin Kovacs, our Genius and Manager of Communications Strategy, thanks to Chris Curran of Fractal Recording, and our podcast co-host, Jessica Beecham, we have launched Find Your Fit™. Last year, in this blog, just before Christmas, I wrote that I was resolved to spreading the WE Fit Wellness™ message through a podcast. We hope you will check out an episode. Tell us what you think. We will be talking nutrition, life style, competitive sport, recreation, and human potential. Our mission is to create a community of committed listeners and advocates. In weeks to come, we’ll talk about:
• Wheelchair Rugby
• Beep Ball
• The Road to Rio
• Super-immunity
• What’s it like to be a vegan
• Should a professor promoting anti-obesity initiatives take money from Coca-Cola
The Find Your Fit™ shows will complement our Breaking Blind YouTube series, starring the energetic and charming Maureen Nietfeld. We might play some GoalBall in the studio. We might taste test some healthy recipes. We may get up a game of wheelchair rugby. Jess and I played a little wheelchair rugby in December when visiting the Sheperd Center in Atlanta. Shepherd Center is considered one of this nation’s top rehabilitation hospitals for spinal cord and brain injury. And when I say we played wheelchair rugby, what I really mean is that Jessica chased me around the gym in an iron-clad wheelchair! Have you ever been hit with an iron-clad wheelchair going at about 20 mph? Jessica cheats.
We hope you will make Find Your Fit™ a regular part of your listening. Subscribe today, and send your suggestions, comments, and questions to: We thank United States Association of Blind Athletes, PUSH 2.0 Water, and the Colorado Center for the Blind.

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