Find Your Fit™ Episode #1 Proudly Welcomes Special Guest, Scott C. LaBarre

Meet the Team – The Genius at the controls, is Kevin Kovacs; Kathleen Foy is at the News Desk; Jessica Beecham and Kevan Worley take the all-important first step on the road to the all-new Find Your Fit show.

In the NewsCenter for Science in the Public Interest Newsletter highlights Denny’s new Peanut Butter Pancake Breakfast at only 1,870 calories. Really? Strong Legs, strong brain, so says research from King’s College.

Jessica makes shameless plug for the Total Fit Pack. Worley says, take a walk with me. Beecham says, don’t forget Achilles in your area.

Noted Denver attorney, husband, and father of two joins us to discuss the reasons for his 2014 cardial infarction. Scott LaBarre, President of the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado, tells of the steps he has taken to avoid another episode. Scott expresses frustration over inaccessibility of much of the work-out equipment at hotels and fitness centers. LaBarre says Goalball is a great sport for people who are blind wanting to play a competitive game. He wishes he’d have known of Goalball in his youth.

Worley suggests his personal road to fitness awareness started 22 years ago, at the Colorado Center for the Blind.

In this show’s Fit Chat, Jess and Kev banter about the book, The Happy Vegan: A Guide to Living a Long, Healthy, and Successful Life, by Russell Simmons. It is also available for the blind and physically handicapped on BARD. In the first Fit Chat, we give a shout-out to Mike Callicrate of Ranch Foods Direct. He’s working hard for school menu reform.

Worley calls corn a vegetable? Really? Don’t blame PUSH Beverages. They actually understand good nutrition, taste, and value.

Your job: find the bit in which Worley actually calls corn a vegetable.

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