Find Your Fit™ Episode #6 Special Guest Maureen Nietfeld

Maureen Bassmaster, Star of BreakingBlind on YouTube, Joins the Team to Share her Incredible Story

What an episode! First, Jessica runs in after a long run of 18 miles. Funky, funky! The crew awards a Fitbit Flex activity tracker, courtesy of USABA, to a loyal listener from Massachusetts. Yes! Already there are loyal subscribers. Thank you! We have one more Fitbit Flex to give away. Send an email to, and tell us you want to be in the drawing. Deadline is April 15.

From the News Desk, Kathleen reads about March, National Nutrition Month, from the International Business Times. What is natural? See what the Food Network Blog has to say. Weigh in on the matter at “Question: is accessible for screenreaders? When will the Justice Department release proposed regulations? See, National Federation of the Blind Resolution 2015-01.” USABA announces Goalball camps for Veterans and others. “We really think Goalball is the national sport for the blind”.

Maureen Bassmaster is truly a star. In this very personal interview, she shares her remarkable story of how nutrition and exercise has truly saved her life. She’s had more than 30 surgeries in her young life due to complications of Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease. Maureen knows there will be others. She knows that if she wants to stay strong, enjoy quality life, and live long, she must stay fit. She speaks openly of her journey. She talks of her work to teach others who are blind, at the Colorado Center for the Blind. She speaks frankly, and regretfully, of people she has met with the genetic mutation of VHL, or other disabilities, who just give up. She speaks admiringly of the author, Tom Rath, of “Eat, Move, Sleep”. Tom is visually impaired, has VHL, and is a favorite of the Find Your Fit™ crew. Maureen serves as a consultant for WE Fit Wellness™.

Fit Chat – this is crazy. In an earlier episode, we talked about probiotics and Kombucha tea. Jessica, Kevan, and Kevin the Genius, conduct a taste test. Yummy? It’s good, and good for your liver, kidneys, lungs, and gut health. Look for the taste test video on YouTube. We got our Kombucha tea at Ohana Kava Bar, at 112 East Boulder St. in Colorado Springs, CO.

We want to thank our sponsors: The United States Association of Blind Athletes, the Colorado Center for the Blind, and PUSH 2.0 Water.

Your job – Kevan says, “Make me feel like a natural woman”.


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