Find Your Fit™ Episode #5 Special guests Sam Smith & Jared Ciner (Spirit Club)

Sam Smith, Marathoner and Zumba Teacher, and Jared Ciner, Executive Director of Baltimore’s Spirit Club, Join the Team

Sam Smith of Spirit Club

Sam Smith of Spirit Club

Life should be fun. But, an 80’s music mash-up from Jessica and Kevan? If you can get past the first 30 seconds, you will love this episode of Find Your Fit™. What are intestinal flora, and have you tried Kombucha tea, a great source of probiotics?

Learn more about Maureen Bassmaster’s BreakingBlind channel on YouTube. Maureen visits haunted houses and does restaurant reviews. Jessica produces these wonderful little video vignettes.

In the News: does eating healthy food make you fat? What is healthy food? Kev talks up his favorite kale ceasar salad, available at Seed’s Community Café. Seed’s is a member of One World, Everybody Eats. Check to see if there’s a community café in your neck of the woods. Next, in a shoot-out with Russia, the women’s Goalball team wins silver.

Is there a USABA Sports Club in your area?

Want to win an activity tracker to help you count your steps?  Send an email to by March 1, 2016 to enter. One lucky person will win a FitBit Plus. USABA conducts a program to distribute FitBits to blind and visually impaired people through funding from the Anthem Foundation.

Jared Ciner of Spirit Club

Jared Ciner of Spirit Club

Jared Ciner and Sam Smith join us to discuss their work to empower people with developmental and physical disabilities on a road to recreation and fitness. We were inspired by their down-to-earth, energizing approach. Sam is autistic, a marathon runner, an ice hockey player, and Zumba teacher. He is a living example of the WE Fit Wellness™ model. Many of us are just taking our first tentative steps toward a more healthy lifestyle. But, you will enjoy Sam and Jess talking about marathoning. Jared and Kevan spend time discussing language and approaches when working with under served populations. Learn how the Spirit Club changes lives in the Baltimore, DC area. Tell us what’s happening in your community to make total well-being accessible, affordable, and achievable for everyone.


On Fit Chat, Jess takes issue with listing crispbreads on a top 10 list of foods from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. She creates her own list. John Pare, a leader in the National Federation of the Blind, and enthusiastic vegan, challenges us to get more daily calories from the lists.

Your job: find the wonderful thing about Tigger.

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