Find Your Fit™ Episode #4 Special Guest Amelia Dickerson

Amazing Amelia Dickerson Joins the Team to Talk About Her Journey into Blindness, Independence, and Running a Record-Setting Marathon

In the show’s opening, Jess and Kev talk about gut health. Jessica’s reading Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain –for Life, by David Perlmutter. In Brain Maker, Dr. Perlmutter explains the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth and evolves based on lifestyle choices, how it can become “sick,” and how nurturing gut health through a few easy strategies can alter your brain’s destiny for the better. What a stunning opening segment! We know everyone is amped up to talk about gut health. But, it is extremely important. Kevan wonders what foods are probiotic: these include yogurt, kefir, dark chocolate, and Kombucha tea. The Team drinks a toast to Kathleen Foy on the News Desk. Of course, they toast with the official beverage of Find Your Fit™ – Push 2.0 Water. Stay hydrated.

From the News Desk, we hear the announcement from the National Association of Blind Merchants’ about NABM BLAST 2016. This year, it will be held at the Loews O’Hare Airport Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Visit the NABM website for more details, and to register for BLAST! We also learn about Bio-Individuality, and how ancestry, blood type, and metabolism all play a role in determining the perfect way of eating for each individual’s body. Last, psychoactive drugs can help lazy people to exercise?

You will be inspired and motivated by Jessica’s visit with Amelia Dickerson. Dickerson, who skis, snowshoes, and marathons, from her home in Boulder, discusses running with her guide dog, Albert. Amelia is the blind woman marathon record holder, with a time of 3:20:28. Amelia and Jessica talk about building a network of friends and guides through Achilles International and USABA.

Kev gave a shout out to the Colorado Center for the Blind.

On Fit Chat™, Jess and Kev discuss the fluff and blubber of winter laziness. Jess offers ways we should stay active through the winter months. Check out her blog. Your co-hosts discuss being stranded in a Washington D.C. hotel during the Blizzard of 2016. Despite the Snowpocalypse, the National Federation of the Blind Washington Seminar took the Hill by storm with more than one-third of the Federation’s usual attendance, braving the blizzard.

Your job: learn how Amelia lost her guide, and why she wants more of her friends to get married.

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