Find Your Fit™ Episode #12 Special Guests Matt Simpson & Joseph Hamilton (US Men’s Goalball Paralympians)

Matt Simpson and Joseph Hamilton of the US Men’s Goalball Team Join the Find Your Fit Team to Discuss Their Road to Rio


The group returns from BLAST! While there, they enjoyed various healthful snack and drink options; Jessica’s favorite is the sports drink from Body Armor. The Find Your Fit™ team also saw our good friend J.J. Meddaugh, the tech guru of Blind Bargains. Check out some of the great deals available for accessible technology, as well as their great podcast!

Achilles Pikes Peak celebrated their 2nd Birthday with a Huge Bash at the Colorado Running Company. Check out Achilles International to find a running group near you.

Relentless Romero finished his Run Across America, completing over 3,000 miles in 60 days, making him one of the fastest pacers for ultra-marathoners. Our own Jessica Beecham talks about how Jason and other blind marathoners have been inspiration for her in her own quest for running greatness.

In the News – Don’t forget to register for the No Barriers Summit, set to take place in Copper Mountain, CO from June 23-26! Achilles Pikes Peak, a program that pairs athletes with disabilities and volunteer guides to help them train, celebrated their 2nd Birthday Bash!  Learn about Trevor Thomas, a blind hiker, who has hiked some of the United States’ toughest trails, including the Appalachians. And last, did you know it’s better to run 200 miles rather than stop at 100?

Matt Simpson and Joseph Hamilton, members of the US Men’s Goalball Team, join us in studio to talk about the Turnstone goalball training facility in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, as well as their own accomplishments within the sport of goalball. Matt, who previously worked for USABA, has been at Turnstone since it opened October 2015. Joseph, who was a member of the men’s World Championship Teams in 1998, 2002, 2010, and 2014, as well as a member of the team at the 2000 US Paralympics in Sydney, Australia, talks goalball basics. Goalball, which was originally designed as a sport for blinded World War II Veterans, has become the go-to sport for the blind and visually impaired. Joseph says, “the game sells itself”; the introduction of Turnstone has made it easier to share goalball with a wider audience. Although the US Men’s Team has been included in the “Pool of Death,” the Find Your Fit™ Team believes they can go all the way! Don’t forget to watch and cheer on the Men’s Team when they participate in the Goalball Nationals from June 23-25. The games will be livestreamed, courtesy of Disability Sports Network.

If you’re going to be in Orlando, Florida on June 30th, make sure to stop by the National Federation of the Blind’s National Convention, and check out the NF-Be Healthy Fair and Try-It Seminar! You’ll be able to donate blood, participate in cardio drumming, and get a body analysis from 10-4pm. Contact for more information!

On this week’s Fit Chat, Kevan talks about his continuing training for the NYC Marathon, including his first 10 miler at the Colfax. Jessica, of course, ran another marathon at the Colfax races. Both Kevan and Jessica will be running the 6 Dot Dash race in Baltimore, Maryland on June 5 to support the National Federation of the Blind’s Braille Literacy program. Visit the NFB’s webpage to sign up to be a part of the WE Fit Wellness™ Team! Plus, Jessica talks about her hydration blog, where she discusses the health benefits of starting your day with 1.5L of water. Kevan got through 24 ounces before he’d had enough!

Your job: Make sure you stay hydrated with Push 2.0 Water!

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