Cultivate a Community of Wellness

Cultivate a Community of Wellness
By: Lyn Harwell, Founder, Seeds Community Café

I absolutely love WE Fit Wellness and everything it stands for!
Upon reading information about WE Fit Wellness you will find the quote: “Everyone deserves access to health and wellness.”

When I read it I thought of a shared vision. As founder and Executive Director of Seeds Community Café, I am so proud of our mission to provide great healthy meals and education about healthy eating, cooking, and providing access to clean healthy food to everyone in our community. All too often, those in poverty are left out, left behind, excluded from the local agriculture and health and wellness efforts of our community and nation. Seeds believes in and supports sourcing local products, produce, and agriculture to support our economy and health. Local community gardening and growing your own food is not only a good idea; it is the future to sustainability and individual health and nutrition. However, in our short one-year history we have seen how people with disabilities have been left out of the nutrition and wellness equation. When I first heard the vision and purpose of WE Fit Wellness I couldn’t stay in my chair! “Where do I sign up” I exclaimed!

At Seeds, we have worked with a lot of folks and volunteers with disabilities. The range of services being contemplated by WE Fit Wellness will cause a sea change in the manner in which underserved populations, particularly those with significant disabilities, are encouraged to access proper nutrition and greater opportunity for exercise, recreation, and employment. I am excited to be able to describe this new company to the underserved community Seeds works with, as well as other dining guests to let them know something new and very valuable is now available to them. I must also say that I am a local chef managing a community non-profit. I am proud that this national WE Fit Wellness effort has taken root right here in Colorado.

From my personal experience, changing our eating habits and really understanding what we are putting in our bodies is critical to good health! Food is Medicine! So is exercise and continuing education! We know that lack of good nutrition is still a major problem, even in the culture of abundance in which we live. We know that this is particularly true in the population of people with disabilities. People with disabilities are employed at a rate less than 25%. This means it is likely that a person with a disability is far below the level of poverty. At Seeds, we work to provide meals and work opportunities for the most in need. We work to provide relevant, practical education about food, balanced nutrition, and proper cooking methods to those in greatest need. At Seeds, if one cannot afford to eat, one will eat. At Seeds Community Café, if you eat you will work or make a financial contribution to enjoy our fine fare. We are so proud of this model. We have seen it work to change lives. I would recommend you explore the possibilities offered by WE Fit Wellness and join us in supporting others, and, even jumping on board yourself to accessible, affordable, and achievable health! You won’t regret it and soon you will be sharing your own story with others!

Genesis 1:29-30
Then God said, Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food; and it was so.

Here’s to Great Health

Lyn Harwell
Founder, Seeds Community Cafe


  1. Cindy Lou Ray

    I purchased the Wefitwellness total pack at the convention and I’m excited about it; I truly appreciate the article from Seeds as well. We could all lead the way in healthy. I have used a personal trainer for several years because, though I know how to exercise, I find having a plan and someone else to be accountable to helps. I have ceased working with the trainer because $600 every five weeks is just too much, and I then quit exercising. Not sure why, but I feel this can be helpful. Thanks for the article; thanks Wefit Wellness for your commitment to this area of our lives.

    • Thank you for your kind post! We hope that you are enjoying the total fit pack. The expense of a personal trainer can be very daunting but you can certainly get great benefits. Try making a commitment each day to do some little work out each day. You have worked wiht a trainer for a while so you know what to do. It is just all about getting back into the routine! YOU CAN DO IT!!! If we can help at all please let us know! Sending lots of support and positive energy your way!!!

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