by Kevan Worley

Folks who listen to our podcast or regularly notice our social media know that we have recently been spending a great deal time following Jessica’s training and, completion of her WE Fit 50 race on Saturday July 29th. Jessica is a true champion. She’s not my inspiration because she is blind, she is an inspiration to me and others because she has the knack of instilling pride in others. She gathers people around her to accomplish her goals. She motivates the people she touches. These are people who want to change the world in some form or fashion. They are people who want to help others along the path to greater wellbeing and access to health and recreation. People who care about our environment. People of heart, grace, kindness, and the inclusion of others.

Jess & Denise on the trails at the Pikes Peak Ultra

She’s not my inspiration because she is blind.  Although, running the kind of terrain she now runs during training and in her ultra-races is extremely challenging, difficult, and even treacherous. It clearly poses a greater challenge for a person with significant visual impairment. Everyone has challenges, Jessica manages hers by developing alternative techniques, additional training, a great coach in Karen Kantor, and caring for and nurturing a great team. I am glad that she is the executive director of WE Fit Wellness. She brings out the best in us. But so do many of you who read our blogs, watch our Breaking Blind videos, listen to our podcast, participate in USABA fitness challenges, join a local Achilles group, try some new approach to your own wellness journey, and give of your heart to others. I am inspired and proud to be chairman of the board of WE Fit Wellness. Let August begin and let us stride just a little higher and further.

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